Are you allergic to dust mites? Do you want protection against bedbugs?
Are you just looking to protect your bedding against liquids and soiling?
We have the cover for you. We can help!

Housses pour literie antiacariens et anti-punaises de lits. Efficacité éprouvée en laboratoire, Recommandées par les allergologues, Garantie longue durée, Confort et protection maximale

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Get free delivery with the purchase of $175 or more. Promotion end august 31, 2017.
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Custom sizes are available on special order.
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  Pillow Allergo Médik Sizes
  Standard 20"x27"
  Queen 20"x30"
  King 20"x38"


  Mattress Allergo Médik Sizes
  Twin standard 39"x75"x9"
  Twin 10" 39"x75"x10"
  Twin 11" 39"x75"x11"
  Twin 12" 39"x75"x12"
* Twin 13" 39"x75"x13"
* Twin 14" 39"x75"x14"
* Twin 15" 39"x75"x15" 
* Twin 16" 39"x75"x16" 
* Twin 17" 39"x75"x17" 
* Twin 18" 39"x75"x18" 
  Twin standard long 39"x80"x9"
* Twin Long 10" 39"x80"x10"
* Twin Long 11" 39"x80"x11"
* Twin Long 12" 39"x80"x12"
* Twin Long 13" 39"x80"x13"
* Twin Long 14" 39"x80"x14"
* Twin Long 15" 39"x80"x15"
* Twin Long 16" 39"x80"x16"
* Twin Long 17" 39"x80"x17"
* Twin Long 18" 39"x80"x18"
  Double long standard 54"x80"x9"
* Double long 10" 54"x80"x10"
* Double long 11" 54"x80"x11"
* Double long 12" 54"x80"X12"
* Double long 13" 54"x80"x13"
* Double long 14" 54"x80"x14"
* Double long 15" 54"x80"x15"
* Double long 16" 54"x80"x16"
* Double long 17" 54"x80"x17"
* Double long 18" 54"x80"x18"
  Double standard 54"x75"x9"
  Double 10" 54"x75"x10"
  Double 11" 54"x75"x11"
  Double 12" 54"x75"x12"
* Double 13" 54"x75"x13"
* Double 14" 54"x75"x14"
* Double 15" 54"x75"x15"
* Double 16" 54"x75"x16"
* Double 17" 54"x75"x17"
* Double 18" 54"x75"x18"
  Queen - standard 60"x80"x9"
  Queen 10" 60"x80"x10"
  Queen 11" 60"x80"x11"
  Queen 12" 60"x80"x12"
  Queen 13" 60"x80"x13"
  Queen 14" 60"x80"x14"
* Queen 15" 60"x80"x15"
* Queen 16" 60"x80"x16"
* Queen 17" 60"x80"x17"
* Queen 18" 60"x80"x18"
  King - standard 78"x80"x9"
  King 10" 78"x80"x10"
  King 11" 78"x80"x11"
  King 12" 78"x80"x12"
* King 13" 78"x80"x13"
* King 14" 78"x80"x14"
* King 15" 78"x80"x15"
* King 16" 78"x80"x16" 
* King 17"  78"x80"x17"
* King 18" 78"x80"x18"

* The sizes identified with an asterisk must be special ordered.


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Free shipping with purshase of $175 or more. Anti dust mites and anti bed bugs covers for mattress pillow and duvet.

Our products are equipped
with a hermetic zipper.


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Allergic to dust mites? Worried about bedbug infestations? Or just looking for the best bedding protection solution?

We can help! We have solutions for mattresses, pillows and duvets.

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