Are you allergic to dust mites? Do you want protection against bedbugs?
Are you just looking to protect your bedding against liquids and soiling?
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Housses pour literie antiacariens et anti-punaises de lits. Efficacité éprouvée en laboratoire, Recommandées par les allergologues, Garantie longue durée, Confort et protection maximale

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Medik Elite Plus ®

Complete and durable protection barrier against dust mites, bedbugs, and incontinence

Complete and durable protection barrier against dust mites and bedbugs.  Dust mites covers. Bed Bugs Covers.

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Features of this highly protective dust mite cover

Seal. - Very resistant to hydrostatic pressure (water penetration), the Medik Elite cover is 100% waterproof. It also provides outstanding filtration performance. The 100% polyester fabric on the mattress side of the cover is coated with a thin layer of hydrophilic polyurethane that forms an absolute barrier (0 microns) to the smallest allergenic dust particles. This hydrophilic feature gives the cover a perfect seal.

 Medik Elite plus ®  Hygrothermal comfort - breathable.  Dust mites covers. Bed Bugs Covers.Comfort. - The Medik Elite cover is breathable and comfortable. Its RET score (resistance of evaporation of a textile)—one of the best on the market—means optimal hygrothermal comfort. The material used to manufacture the cover has been tested for biocompatibility (certification). The results indicate a high safety level, even for very sensitive skin. It's pleasant to the touch, lightweight, elastic, flexible, and hypoallergenic.

Durability. - The high quality polyester fabric is produced using a textile technique that resists aging, hydrolysis, washing in near boiling water (up to 95° C), steam sterilization, dry cleaning, tumble drying (up to 120° C), friction, abrasion, stains, oils, fats, urine, and disinfectants. In addition, the coating causes the polyurethane to adhere to the fabric so strongly that they almost merge. There's no reason to fear possible delamination, as sometimes happens to covers with membranes. In short, the Medik Elite cover is constructed to provide full protection and durability.

Bedbug protection - Medik Elite is not only an outstanding dust mite cover, it has also been adapted to protect against bedbugs and is effective in limiting their proliferation. In a world where bedbug Complete and durable protection barrier against dust mites and bedbugs.  Dust mites covers. Bed Bugs Covers.infestations are on the upswing, Allergo Medik covers provide excellent protection, especially the fully sealed and very durable Medik Elite cover. If microscopic dust particles as small as 1–2 microns can't cross our covers then bedbugs surely can’t!

An effective barrier to protect your mattresses
Besides protecting you against dust mites and bedbugs, Medik Elite helps keep your mattress clean. The cover completely blocks liquids and soiling due to incontinence. It’s a lot easier and less costly to wash the mattress cover than to clean the mattress or throw it away! And you don’t have to remove the cover to clean it—it's stain resistant. For slight soiling, just wipe with a cloth or damp sponge.

It’s impossible to clean mattresses and pillows as often as we wash sheets and blankets, but we can prolong their lifespan and provide effective protection with good covers-that’s what makes Medik Elite the ultimate bedding protection solution!

Médik Elite plus ® Dust mite and bedbug covers, 25-year warranty.  Dust mites covers. Bed Bugs Covers.Warranty
The Medik Elite cover comes with a 25-year or 150-washings warranty. This warranty assumes 2 to 6 washings per year for family use but does not apply to professional use. For the institutional market (hotels, clinics, retirement homes, B&B's, inns, etc.), we offer a 5-year warranty. In either case, the warranty covers durability of protection and material or manufacturing defects. Accidental tears or punctures are not covered. Covers that have been reworked or modified are excluded from this warranty.

Medik Elite Plus ®, Dust mites covers. Bed Bugs Covers.



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