Are you allergic to dust mites? Do you want protection against bedbugs?
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Housses pour literie antiacariens et anti-punaises de lits. Efficacité éprouvée en laboratoire, Recommandées par les allergologues, Garantie longue durée, Confort et protection maximale

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Medik Elite Plus - Mattress cover

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Médik Elite ®

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Médik Élite Plus®


The ultimate bedding proctection and comfort solution against dust mites and bedbugs


At the top step of the podium, the Médik-Élite Plus slipcover offers all the advantages of the Médik-Easy Plus and MédiSoft Plus slipcovers. With a density of 2,800,000 microfilaments per m2, it is sealing resistant, efficient, durable, resistant, but also extremely soft to the touch. The barrier fabric, which has a very compact structure, blocks dust at 99.8%, almost as much as a plastic would, but it is not plastic. The fabric is breathable and extremely comfortable. This fabric contains, in addition to polyester, carbon thread, this at a rate of 3.88 thousandths of 1%, which is quite negligible in itself, but gives the cover a permanent antistatic property, for an improved comfort.


A determining factor in the quality of a fabric is the raw material. With polyester, a longer fiber, more homogeneous and less wavy than cotton, we get a better yarn. With a better yarn, we also make a better fabric. Microfilaments, here in greater numbers, are also much finer. A fine material is more fragile. But polyester differs from cotton. The short and already fragile cotton fibre must be twisted further to obtain a yarn that will certainly be stronger, but also stiffer. With an already strong and longer fiber like polyester, the very thin yarn, if twisted, will be stronger without losing its flexibility, because each fiber will be interlaced over a longer length. This is what Medik-Elite Plus offers: a high-performance barrier fabric that is lightweight, flexible and resistant for maximum comfort and protection.


 Medik Elite plus ®  Hygrothermal comfort - breathable.  Dust mites covers. Bed Bugs Covers.

Performance and safety. - The material used to design the Médik-Élite Plus cover has been tested and certified (certification) for mites at the Kaken Test Center General Incorporated Foundation Osaka Laboratories and CTT St-Hyacinthe. This material is free of toxic to the body and the environment and is Oeko-tex 100 certified, which means that the tests performed guarantee the absence of at least 100 chemicals that may pose known risks to human health.


Resistance. - The polyester fabric resists well to friction, wear, washes, tearing, also chemical attacks, microorganisms and insects, it is not attacked by moths, mites, fleas, bed bugs,  nor by molds and fungi. It is resistant to weak acids, weak bases, solvents, enzymes and fats. Of great dimensional stability and easy maintenance, this fabric does not shrink during washing.

To protect against bed bug infestation

Complete and durable protection barrier against dust mites and bedbugs.  Dust mites covers. Bed Bugs Covers.

Médik Elite Plus is a high performance anti-mite cover but it is also suitable for bed bugs and effective to limit the effective barrier against mites and bedbugs. In our societies, there are more and more cases of bedbug infestation. In the face of such an eventuality, Allergo Médik covers can be an excellent preventive measure, in particular, our Médik Elite Plus cover which is completely seal and very resistant.

Médik Elite plus ® Dust mite and bedbug covers, 25-year warranty.  Dust mites covers. Bed Bugs Covers.



The Médik-Élite Plus cover is guaranteed for 25 years or 150 washes. This guarantee on the basis of 2 to 4 washes per year for family use applies only to the general public. For professional use (hotels, clinics, boarding houses, gîtes, hostels, etc.), the warranty is 5 years. In both cases, the warranty covers the durability of the protection and covers defects in materials and workmanship, also seam breakage or zipper. Allergo Medik undertakes to replace or repair any product with any of these defects. By opting for an Allergo Medik product, you are opting for lasting protection. In order to preserve this durability, please respect the recommendations and maintenance advice that accompany this product. The warranty does not cover: accidental punctures and tears, reworked or modified covers, damage due to improper maintenance or use, burns, cuts or cuts, normal soiling (blood, urine, perspiration and other bodily substances) damage caused by abrasion (during sleep or during maintenance of the product: wringing, tumbling drying.) To benefit from the warranty, Keep the invoice to present in the event of a claim. If repair or replacement is no longer possible, we reserve the right to offer an equivalent product

Medik Elite Plus ®


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