Are you allergic to dust mites? Do you want protection against bedbugs?
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Housses pour literie antiacariens et anti-punaises de lits. Efficacité éprouvée en laboratoire, Recommandées par les allergologues, Garantie longue durée, Confort et protection maximale

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MediSoft - Duvet cover

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MédiSoft ®

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MédiSoft ® 
The effectiveness, comfort, and durability of a woven 100% microfiber cover to protect against dust mites and bedbugs

Tightly woven microfiber dust mite covers are often recommended because they are comfortable and easy to maintain. Moreover, woven fabric, unlike non-woven fabric, prevents mites from colonizing. Our MediSoft cover falls in this category. This cover made from high quality 100% microfiber has no membrane, no coating, and no pesticide treatments. It does have, however, the following major advantages.

Tight warp and weft are what give MediSoft its barrier properties. The fabric's fine weave yields a very tight, dense structure that forms an effective barrier against extremely small allergen particles (under 3 microns). The materials used to manufacture our MediSoft cover have been classified for medical use by the FDA and tested by IBT Reference Laboratory USA and CTT of Saint-Hyacinthe.Ici,

Hygrothermal comfort - BreathableComfort
The MediSoft cover breathes in both directions, a feature that sleepers who perspire will appreciate. It's permeable to air and moisture, allowing it to wick away sweat and provide good hygrothermal comfort. This quiet cover does not rustle under the sheet and can be easily forgotten.

The quality of the microfiber ensures a perfect weave that is both strong and long lasting. As a result, the hard wearing MediSoft cover resists tearing and retains its protective properties even after multiple washings.

Complete and durable protection barrier against dust mites and bedbugsA cover adapted for bedbugs
MediSoft is effective in combating bedbug proliferation. The woven fabric makes for a very strong cover that bedbugs can’t penetrate.

Note that the MediSoft cover forms an effective barrier against dust mites and bedbugs but is not waterproof. Despite its very tight weave, it is not a mattress protector.

MédiSoft ®  Dust mite and bedbug covers, 25-year warrantyThe MediSoft carries a 25-year or 100-washings warranty. This warranty assumes 2 to 4 washings per year of family use but does not apply to professional use. For the institutional market (hotels, clinics, retirement homes, B&B's, inns, etc.), we offer a 5-year warranty. In either case, the warranty covers durability of protection and material and manufacturing defects. Accidental tears or punctures are not covered. Covers that have been reworked or modified are excluded from this warranty.

MediSoft ®

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